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To God be the glory for all of the marvelous things He has done.  Dr. Rema "Rhema" Henderson is an anointed Author and Psalmist.  She believes that God is truly using her for his glory. Dr. Rhema Frazier-Henderson loves to praise God.  She has just published her very first Memoir “Through The Eyes Of A Gurl” last October 2017.  She recorded her first CD “Chosen Generation” which was released in April of 2017 and her second CD in a single “Heaven Is My Home” released in June of 2017. 


 Dr. Rhema is the oldest of 7 children.   She has a Bachelor’s Degree from St Paul’s College, a Master’s degree from Central Michigan University and Doctorate in Christian Ministry from Williamsburg Theological Seminary. She retired from the Federal Government, Department of the Army in 2012, where she served as a Human Resources Specialist for almost 30 years.


She grew up around a musically inclined family.  Where she learned to sing in harmony.  She is currently a member of Zion Baptist Church. Williamsburg, VA. Where she is a member of the Choir.  She is a faithful and active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Phi Gamma Zeta Chapter, Hopewell, Va.

Psalmist Rhema believes that she “Can Do All Things Through Christ That Strengthens Her”.  



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My Friend Helga is about a young girl who lives in Germany and is coming to visit Her friend in the United States. The story unfolds as Crista ventures out to find Her dear friend a special gift upon Her visit. This is a wonderful read for children ages 3 to 12 and also the young at heart.

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In her follow-up book to her debut memoir, "Through the Eyes of Ah Gurl", Rhema Frazier Henderson shares more heartwarming stories about her experiences growing up as a young lady. These stories will make you think about the things you did as a young lady and how you were able to handle those types of situations. These stories can be enjoyed by teenagers as well as the young at heart."Through the Mind of Ah Young Lady" is a delightful book!

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Rema Frazier Henderson shares heartwarming stories in this memoir from her early childhood years. These stories will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you think about when you were a young girl back in the early 1970's. "Through the Eyes of Ah Gurl" is a must-read book!

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Children's Book for all age children. Boys and girls. Book talks about playing basketball, running. Childhood. Book is about brothers and sisters playing together. Riding a bike. Book is dedicated to my brother "Cookie" who lost his battle to Diebetes. Reading and Activity.

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This is a children's book for all age girls. This book talks about how little girls can be a princess and have blossoming friendships. Princess Noa is a perfect read for developing great relationships that will last a lifetime among friends and family.



Chosen GenerationRema Frazier Henderson
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Heaven Is My HomeRema Frazier Henderson
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My Redeemer LivesRema Frazier Henderson
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You Are My StrengthRema Frazier Henderson
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